We do GIS

Providing great GIS service is our sole business, not a sideline. For 8 years we have been helping our clients stay abreast of the evolutionary technology that is GIS. Local Government, Civil Engineering Firms, Developers, and Environmental Concerns have benefited from the abililty to visualize, analyze, and conceptualize their data in color and 3D. Let us help you gain the advantage that results from the use of this powerful technology.



When you have a small and busy staff, very tight budgets and/or a need for very specific answers, rather than purchasing GIS software licences yourself, Global Mapping can be just the solution. We can create, acquire, and analyze spatial data, and if you do decide to purchase GIS software, we can guide your purchases and train your staff.





Global Mapping designs, builds, and maintains Spatial Databases. We are a Spatial Data Provider capable of normalizing data from many different sources to create a clean, working package ready for analysis.

We perform Data Conversions for those desiring an alternative to the CAD environment. Our personel can guide your software and hardware purchases and provide in-house training for staff.


Our clients include large agribusiness, city, county, and state government, water management districts, engineering firms, law firms, developers, and real estate agencies.

Any enterprise that works with large amounts of geographic data will benefit from the power of graphic visualization. As they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words".


Global Mapping is a former ESRI Business Partner and most of our work is based upon their software platform which is recognized as the world standard in GIS Applications.

We are a relatively small and agile company keenly attuned to our Clients' needs. This enables us to build databases and applications that are more closely defined by the Client and therefore more efficient and productive.